On this page you will find our bible, the ZENZ Book, among other materials ready to download. 

If you are looking for anything specific that you can't find on this page or maybe need the book printed in recycled paper - please reach out to us and we will support you. Find contact information here


The ZENZ book

This is our kind of bible. You will find everything you need to know about ZENZ as a company and all information about ZENZ Organic Products.

Download the ZENZ Book in English here, in Danish here and in Swedish here   


Higher Ground

Take a look into our brandbook Higher Ground. An inspiring universe filled with beautiful images of nature, hair and sustainable lifestyle. 

Download Higher Ground in English here


Education Book

Learn about all about working in a ZENZ-salon and get all the information you need about our concept, products, services and more. 

Download Education Book in Danish here


HairSpa instructions 

ZENZ Organic HairSpa instructions

Find step-by-step guides on how to use the HairSpa with hair treatments, Elumen and ZENZ Botanical Henna Hair Colour.

Download HairSpa instructions in English here


Partner book

ZENZ Organic Partner Book

Read more about how you can be a part of the only complete healthy and sustainable hairdressing concept in the world.

Download the partner book in Danish here


Scalp Massage Guide

Download Scalp Massage Guide and get a step by step guide. Read more and find the video guide in our blogpost about Scalp Massage here
Download the English Scalp Massage Guide here and in Danish here

Ingredient list







Read about the ingredients for ZENZ Organic Products in the ingredient list. The list is also a part of the ZENZ Book.

Download the Ingredient list in English here, in Danish here and in Swedish here

Certifications, ingredients and packaging


Go into details on how we work with our strategy for choice of certifications, ingredients and packaging.

Download the Strategy for choice of certifications, ingredients and packaging in English here.


Danish report: Bæredygtig bundlinje 2.0 - Miljøoptimeret emballage ZENZ

Bæredygtig bundlinje 2.0

With our ZENZ Organic Products Version 2.0 we have reduced the environmental impact by at least 40% on average. Read more in the Danish report "Bæredygtig bundlinje 2.0: Miljøoptimeret emballage ZENZ" find it here.